The AntWork Gallery is a new on-line gallery.  We are a gallery in the traditional sense that we represent artists but we are not a brick and mortar gallery.  Our artists show with us on-line.  This does not mean that we will not entertain the use of a traditional gallery space in the future.  For now we are more concerned with establishing our artists and their place and ours in the art community.


Art can be traced back to the caveman, to a product of fire, charcoal.  The same charcoal we use today.  That black branch allowed us to capture the flickering imagines on the cave walls.  The images created meaning… the shadows on the walls can be traced up to today.  The images became the metaphors to all things.  They created a continuity that still binds each period to the next.  Art obeys no limits or boundaries.  It is the flickering of the flame against the cave’s walls that opened the window to the mind.  That is what was seen by early man reflected on the walls of the cave, images.  


The Avant Garde’s job is to create each new look or style, to make it unique, fit to it’s time and to itself.  All art is eternally present from the first use of charcoal to a charcoal drawing of a nude model on Archer’s Buff paper.  The flow of the imagination in poetry, drama, painting, sculpture, ceramic and performance is a constant flow.  Artists are driven by competitiveness.  All art is a part of the artistic tradition or artistic continuum.  It is the one great poem that all poets add their pages too.  It’s the great painting; the great sculpture that at once is part of all sculpture and yet… it is one long succession of one artist after another furthering our appreciation of and our understanding of that human condition and our need to be amazed by truth and beauty… The myth all artists share, to excel, to go beyond their imagination and the influence of other artists and create something totally new and totally different is what we are all about.  

The Ant Work Gallery is a new force.  We show artists and are looking for artists that create things of intellect and of beauty.


Join us by checking in on our gallery as often as you like.


Stephen J. Sotnick, Executive Director & Senior Curator