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About The Artist:


I started painting when I was around 16 years old.

After High School (Valencia HS, Placentia) I went to Fullerton College, dropped out, and spent the next 8 years playing music and making art.


I went back to college (CSUF) in 1978, earned my BA, MA, and MFA degrees, and graduated 1n 1986. After that, I worked with a number of art consultants in LA and did a lot of corporate and public sculpture and wall constructions. My work then was non-objective.

In the 90’s, I began painting abandoned gas stations and scenes from the desert.


I also made paintings of hot rods and flowers as well as portraits of celebrities and other subjects,

I’ve been going back and forth between representational and non-objective art. I also have begun using digital media.


I am an experimental artist willing to try new mediums, styles, processes, and concepts.


I’ve recently begun painting non-objective paintings based on visual ideas that I’ve developed in Illustrator and photoshop. and posted on Facebook.

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Thank you,
Steve Metzger